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Install & Discover for instant added value

Auconet BICS is implemented in hours and not months. Network discovery and visualization starts immediately and subsequent configuration is extremely fast. Enterprise customers are always surprised by the speed of value creation from BICS.

A complete network overview on the first day

Companies often combine network management solutions with implementation times of months, months and more. During this time, 10% to 25% of network endpoints remain undetected and unmanaged in a typical enterprise. By eliminating blind spots, BICS immediately eliminates security risks and potential costs.

Auconet BICS functions

  • ITOM implementation – completed on the first day
  • First discovery on the same day – of hundreds of thousands of ports and endpoints
  • Continuously capture, correlate, and consolidate extensive data on each device and endpoint into a real-time CMDB, starting immediately.

Add to your existing ITOM tools, today.

After the initial deployment, you can integrate your other applications into BICS to use them as a unified platform. BICS offers clear TCO advantages over alternatives. The ROI profile is all the more outstanding as the fast time-to-value and – just as important – the numerous ways in which BICS strengthens existing ITOM applications.

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