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System Management

Manufacturer-independent System Management

BICS System Management covers all phases of the software and data lifecycle from deployment and installation, through configuration and activation, to any updates, patch management and eventual removal of the appropriate software or data.

Reduce the cost of managing your servers, desktops, mobile and kiosk systems and increase the quality of your enterprise-wide software and configuration management.

  • Central inventory management

  • Automated Software Distribution

  • Improved service quality

  • Central diagnosis

Vendor-independent Inventory and Software Distribution

Inventory Management

BICS System Management ensures that you always have the latest information about the operating systems, patches, hardware equipment, applications or any configuration files used.

BICS System Management offers you all functionalities to manage systems and their configurations efficiently and securely from a central management console – platform independent and cross-platform. No matter whether UNIX, Linux or Windows.

Software Distribution - Fully Automated Roll-Outs

BICS System Management distributes and installs application software, upgrades, any data and configuration settings automatically – controllable via a central management interface and platform independent for all systems. Obsolete, insecure or even incompatible applications are a thing of the past with BICS.

With its efficient configuration management technology, BICS System Management can parameterize each change individually for each system. Thus, individual configurations can be realized even in large environments with several thousand to tens of thousands of systems.

Increase service quality

The goal of company-wide system management is the optimal support of business processes. BICS System Management is based on robust and flexibly configurable processes. All changes can be flexibly controlled by variable time windows. If an installation cannot be prevented during the working hours of the users, it takes place in the background or can also be moved individually by the users. Applications are always up-to-date – users can work optimally.

Central diagnosis

BICS System Management offers the possibility to collect any decentralized existing data, log files and configuration settings of distributed systems and to make them available on the central management server.

Out-of-the-box, BICS System Management already captures a variety of standard system information about installed applications and a lot of operating system and hardware information such as available storage space, processor type and network settings.

In addition, BICS System Management can take over the control of remote systems from a central location via the integrated remote control functionality.

Advantages for your company

  • sustainable cost reductions through the automation of all processes for software and system configuration management
  • Relief of the administration of routine tasks
  • Continuous transparency of your software and system configuration management processes
  • Increased availability and improved service quality through highly automated processes
  • Significant reduction of manual configuration errors
  • Elimination of manual updates
  • Control and monitoring from a central management console

Add Ons in the System Management module

System &
Client Monitoring

Auconet BICS monitors system parameters, log files, event messages and system states, evaluates them on the local system or reports corresponding events to the central system. If necessary, automated troubleshooting actions can be defined and performed. These monitoring parameters and rules are configured centrally and can be distributed and activated throughout the network from there.


Auconet BICS XFS (Extensions for Financial Services) Management is an extension to read and manage specific hardware and software information for devices in the financial sector (ATMs, statement printers, …). This allows an inventory or monitoring of specific components such as cash dispenser compartments, card readers, … to set up.

Reliable monitoring and self-healing functions help to detect and eliminate potential hazards at an early stage to ensure trouble-free operation.

POS / Retail

With Auconet BICS POS (Point of Sale) and Retail System Management, retailers can ensure the availability and security of tens of thousands of POS systems and other POS devices.

With BICS, you can monitor and control POS hardware and update software applications on all POS systems and mobile devices. Efficiently download inventory and pricing data regardless of manufacturer, model or configuration.

Time Recording
Terminal Management

Auconet BICS Time Recording System collects and stores the sent time recording and hardware information messages of the distributed time recording terminals in a central location and enables a life cycle management of the individual terminals.


The Auconet BICS Depot license allows you to set up a hierarchical infrastructure instance that acts as a distribution node for the managed endpoints. This minimizes data traffic, optimizes transfer times, performs local tasks, and increases security by channeling data traffic through central nodes.

Success stories


Complete centralized monitoring and control of all maintained 4,500 self-service lockers


Müller relies on Auconet to get automated updates of pricing data at all POS systems, distribute new or updated software and retrieve sales data.

Deutsche Bahn

The rewards for lightning-fast, complete network discovery: Managing 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports



REWE uses our solution to manage the time recording terminals and to record the time booking data records.


ING ATMs are centrally managed with our software and monitored on a fine granular basis.

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