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Network Security Management

Auconet BICS is able to centrally monitor, control and secure the network regardless of the manufacturer. Switches and gateways are automatically queried in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

All connected endpoints as well as ports and uplink connections are identified and displayed independent of manufacturer and model.

BICS enables security for each network port by reading and analyzing the connected endpoints.

Block unauthorized access

BICS enables network switches to block unwanted LAN access by unauthorized endpoints and controls the security settings of individual devices and ports.

  • BICS secures the LAN to prevent the connection of unknown devices.
  • Checks (in learning mode) the network to determine which MAC addresses are used by each connected device.
  • BICS recognizes the connected endpoints and stores their MAC address in the Auconet BICS database.
  • Detects and stores the connection time and port location for each endpoint.
  • Monitors (Events & Alarms) Endpoint connection events and device movements from port to port on the network: Every successful and unsuccessful connection is saved.

Automatic alarm

  • Detects MAC spoofing: BICS alerts when it suspects duplicate MAC addresses and new MAC addresses accessing multiple ports.
  • Prevents the use of MAC addresses in different locations or against security policies. BICS allows the operator to bind any MAC address or group of MAC addresses to specific locations and ports.

Success stories

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Berlin Waterworks saves 90% of service costs: Auconet BICS monitors, secures and automates both the IT and the industrial infrastructure.

Sparkasse Finanz Informatik

Security and compliance for the networks of hundreds of savings banks: Central monitoring and control for every savings bank in Germany


KAGes relies on Auconet for: Multi-tenant network access control (NAC), security and compliance

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