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Network Management

Network Management

Auconet BICS visualizes the entire network topology in an interactive graphical representation. The devices are classified and displayed in specific views/forms. This allows device parameters and device states or network states to be measured and monitored.

External events (syslog, SNMP traps) are analyzed and processed. Complete VLAN management is supported.

The included configuration management allows you to save and restore the device configurations. The configurations can be checked according to definable rules and several versions can be saved and compared with each other.


Network Monitoring

The BICS Network Management System supports a variety of monitoring options:

  • Device-specific e.g. availability, CPU utilization, power supply
  • Port-specific e.g. bandwidth utilization, transmission errors
  • Connection-specific, e.g. availability, redundancy

Configuration Management

The configuration management enables the backup and restore of the current configurations of all network devices.

  • Check/alarm for changes in the current configuration
  • Validation against the last or a reference configuration

WLAN Topology

Grafical view of your network topology:

  • Grafical visualisation of the complete network topology
  • Capability to change layout, format, design and arrangement oft he elements
  • Option to add custom elements like text boxes, geometric shapes, images, …
  • Intuitive navigation handling from this graphical view

Real View Device Details

Accurate information about the current state of a network device:

  • Special, device type-specific views of individual device parameters.
  • Photorealistic representation of the network device with active drill-down options for displaying port and hardware composition information

Syslog Analyzer

Evaluation of messages from network devices sent in syslog format.

  • Filter mechanisms for forwarding/processing selected messages within the central BICS event and alarm panel.
  • A large number of predefined events and alarms and customizable self-defined events and alarms

VLAN Management

Generic, vendor-independent functions to administrate the VLANs on network devices.

  • Device and manufacturer independent
  • Perform port assignments without using the network device’s command line interface
  • Global VLAN overviews
  • Supports VLAN names, VLAN alias and VLAN IDs

Success stories

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Berlin Waterworks saves 90% of service costs: Auconet BICS monitors, secures and automates both the IT and the industrial infrastructure.


Lürssen shipyard trusts in Auconet for: MAC Layer 2 security.