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Large companies master their entire infrastructure with BICS

Auconet BICS at a glance

Auconet BICS offers a new, efficient approach to control complex networks with the following core functions: Detection of network devices,  connections and endpoints of your entire network, flexible event and alarm handling, comprehensive customizable dashboards – all controlled by a modern graphical user interface. Global companies with a strategic vision for their infrastructure management trust on BICS: Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Constant availability. Seamless integrations.

Auconet BICS in use

One component of computer network security is the visibility of the every individual device of the network. Can you see every device connected to your network? Watch this video to learn how to make all components of your network visible.

Device Security
Security is an essential aspect for any computer network. But how can you ensure that every device in your network is secure? In this video you will learn how to protect your computer network with continuous device monitoring.

Detecting Suspicious Activity
Suspicious activity on your computer network may indicate an attack. How can you respond to such suspicious activity? In this video you will learn how to become aware of suspicious activity in your network and how to react to it.


In the first step, the active network components (routers, switches, firewalls, access points, …) are identified. The Network Management module generates a complete topology of the network (= inventory) from the resulting information. This can be structured according to your own ideas (e.g. according to subnets, locations, device types, etc.).

In the second step, the network devices are analyzed and the endpoints connected to them are determined. To complete the endpoint determination existing WLAN controllers can also be included in the analysis, so that the wireless connected endpoints can be identified too.

Product Functions & Features

Network Discovery

BICS provides discovery of the network components of your business infrastructure:

  • Vendor-independent identification and classification of the devices
  • Automatic detection of connections between these devices
  • Identification of the connected endpoints

Central Event and Alarm panel

The central Event and Alarm panel provides an overview of all remarkable system messages:

  • Central Event- and Alarm panel with Drill-Down to identify the cause
  • Configurable eskalation rules and features (mail, syslog, …)
  • Configurable correlation rules for events
  • Capability to define custom Events/Alarms
  • Configurable automated tasks resulting on dedicated Events/Alarms


System wide and device specific dashboards for structured overview of your infrastructure:

  • Most important key indicators on one screen
  • Individual dashboards related on user roles and operation tasks
  • Drill-down capability to the data source


Grafical view of your network topology:

  • Grafical visualisation of the complete network topology
  • Capability to change layout, format, design and arrangement oft he elements
  • Option to add custom elements like text boxes, geometric shapes, images, …
  • Intuitive navigation handling from this graphical view


Modern RESTful interface allows automated processing and embedding of BICS into existing business processes and tools:

  • All BICS data accessible
  • Most important functions available to be triggered/controlled by external clients

Why should you choose Auconet BICS?

  1. Excellent discovery features for heterogeneous networks
  2. High flexibility in the implementation of customer-specific requirements
  3. All-in-One: An efficient solution that combines all aspects of infrastructure management
  4. High scalability (also for clients)

Success stories

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Berlin Waterworks saves 90% of service costs: Auconet BICS monitors, secures and automates both the IT and the industrial infrastructure.


Lürssen shipyard trusts in Auconet for: MAC Layer 2 security.

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