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Asset Management

Close cooperation between IT and OT

BICS Asset Management manages all available information from devices in the network (types, names, IP address, categiroes, sub components and other available information) over the entire lifecycle as part of network management.

Furthermore the BICS Asset Management Module is used to identify and real-time-monitor information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) assets throughout their lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. It helps to ensure the timely maintenance of IT/OT assets and to track changes to them.

The convergence of OT and IT helps managers make better decisions to improve operational security, security and profitability. Asset Management forms the bridge to devices that do not have an IP address based on a detailed component database.

Customers receive information such as

  • Location-level drill-down – ideal for localization information and location management
  • Device decomposition: data set per part and module including localization information and documentation, ideal for troubleshooting failures.
  • Drill-down to data center rack server with visual rack display in the data center
  • Visual representation of hardware-software relationships
  • Cabling documentation

IT Assets CMDB and Data Center Visualization

Auconet BICS Asset Management is a module for defining common configuration tasks for network devices that support different models and vendors. BICS is manufacturer-independent and supports heterogeneous device landscapes.

Auconet BICS’ real-time virtual CMDB provides a dynamic repository that stays in sync with rapidly changing data center infrastructures.

The BICS vCMDB adds significant value to any existing ITOM and security solution and delivers detailed, real-time data across all network devices and assets.

Show the value of IT as strategic capital.

In the past, IT departments were prevented from passing their value on to top management, even with complex chargebacks and cost allocations, as well as in billing internal service providers to the best of their ability. For its part, top management is challenged to assess the ROI and the likely benefits and risks of strategic business options that require the success of critical IT initiatives.

Auconet BICS addresses these two challenges by providing a comprehensive platform for monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the business value of IT resources and processes.


BICS provides accurate asset information for compliance and audit requirements. Every change to the network is recorded for audit reporting. Use out-of-the-box standard reports or simply create custom reports to meet compliance and audit requirements.

Cost allocation

In many companies, a precise cost allocation is a necessary component of internal accounting. Auconet BICS collects data about device, port, endpoint and/or bandwidth utilization that can be assigned to departments and subsidiaries for correct internal chargeback. For most IT departments, cost allocation is critical for IT service providers who use the data for customer billing.

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