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Auconet BICS

Auconet BICS [Business Infrastructure Control System] offers a new, efficient approach to control complex networks with the following core functions:

  • Detection of network devices and connections among each other,
  • Visualisation of the infrastructure topology
  • Event and alarm handling,
  • comprehensive dashboards for extended monitoring
  • all controlled from a central screen by a modern graphical user interface.

The capability to operate BICS in redundant, multi-instance environment with multiple tenants predestinates the solution for very large networks.

Global companies with a strategic vision for their infrastructure management trusts Auconet: Lower TCO. Constant availability. Seamless integrations.

Further modules of the Auconet BICS Product Suite


Network Management

BICS provides IT administrators with the ability to manage their IT network, ensure availability and performance, and monitor the functionality of individual network components. The Network Management module supports monitoring of various device parameters, such as CPU load, bandwidth monitoring, temperature, etc.


Network Security Management

BICS provides numerous features to protect a network from unauthorized access: This starts with warnings about newly or unknown connected devices (PSM: Port Security Manager), controls the level of access for those devices and extends to monitoring data streams for deviations from conventional communication patterns and suspicious  communications.


System Management

BICS provides features to inventory Hard- and Software configuration and controls and organize software delivery from one central point of management to the endpoints of your infrastructure; for example, the efficient installation of new software releases by pressing just one button on thousands of servers or PCs. This component also allows the monitoring of (critical) devices/IT resources.

Asset Management

As part of network management, BICS manages all available information from devices in the network (types, models, IP address, connectors and further available information that can be retrieved via network protocols). In addition to this, BICS allows the collection of all relevant information about hardware and software in order to manage the IT infrastructure of a company.

Why should you choose Auconet BICS?

  1. Excellent discovery results for heterogeneous networks
  2. High flexibility in the implementation of customer-specific requirements
  3. All-in-One: All aspects of efficient infrastructure management combined in one solution
  4. High scalability (also for tenants)