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Auconet Case Studies

They are already customers of IBM, Cisco, HP, BMC and rely on dozens of single-purpose tools. However, when selecting a platform for IT infrastructure management and/or network access control, these companies evaluated the technology leaders and chose Auconet for years.

A selection of projects carried out

The rewards for lightning-fast, complete network discovery: Managing 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports

Security and compliance for the networks of hundreds of savings banks: Central monitoring and control for every savings bank in Germany

Berlin Waterworks saves 90% of service costs: Auconet BICS monitors, secures and automates both the IT and the industrial infrastructure.

One of the world’s largest industrial company uses Auconet BICS for real-time monitoring of global network

Multi-Tenant Network Access Control (NAC) enables Security & Compliance across Healthcare Leader‘s Networks


9 million customers in Germany, bank with the third largest number of customers in Germany, balance sheet total of € 162,256 million with around 4,000 employees

ING ATMs are centrally managed with our software and monitored on a fine granular basis. Reliable monitoring functions help to detect and eliminate potential hazards at an early stage to ensure trouble-free operation.


Regional health service provider with more than 20 hospitals

21 hospitals – 14,000 employees – 8,000 beds – 250,000 patients a year

The KAGes, a regional health care group, operates 21 hospitals and care facilities with more than 8,000 beds and 14,000 employees and treats 250,000 patients annually. Known for groundbreaking new technologies to advance clinical care and improve patient comfort, the Group implemented an innovative solution from Auconet to control, protect and comply with the security regulations of a multi-tenant IT network infrastructure.

KAGes relies on Auconet for: Multi-tenant network access control (NAC), security and compliance

kika Leiner

Multinational retail chain

7,500 employees – 20,000 ports

Kika Leiner is a leading furniture store in Europe with 73 branches in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania and an annual turnover of 1.6 billion US dollars.

Kika Leiner trusts in Auconet for: MAC Layer 2 security, network discovery and endpoint profiling.

Leading Private Global Bank

One of the largest investment banks in the world.

50,000 employees – subsidiaries in 50 countries – over 35,000 servers

As one of the most renowned banks of the last two centuries, the security-conscious financial institution offers investment banking, asset management and wealth management services to private, private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide.

This Global 100 bank relies on Auconet for automated configuration and software deployment on thousands of highly secure Windows, Linux and UNIX servers.


Worldwide leading superyacht builder

1,400 Employees

Lürssen Werft is a German shipbuilding company based in Bremen-Vegesack. Lürssen designs and builds yachts, naval ships and special ships. She is publicly traded as Lürssen Yachts and is one of the leading manufacturers of custom super yachts such as Paul Allen’s Octopus and David Geffen’s Rising Sun.

Lürssen trusts in Auconet for: MAC Layer-2 Security


Multinational retail chain throughout Europe

31,000 employees – Turnover 4 billion euros – Over 5,500 Linux-based POS systems

Müller is represented in 700 drugstores in seven countries and offers over 185,000 products, including pharmaceuticals, perfumes, stationery, household articles, toys and a range of multimedia items. Müller also offers digital photo printing and music downloads.

Müller relies on Auconet for: Automated updating of price data in real time at all POS kiosks, software distribution and retrieval of sales data.


330,000 employees – 54.14 billion turnover in 2016 – 23,000 local network connections daily 10 million data records

REWE Systems is the central solution provider of REWE Group when it comes to information and telecommunications systems. They plan, project, develop, configure and operate efficient systems and applications for REWE Group – one of the leading german and european trading and travel and tourism groups with around 330,000 employees.

REWE uses our solution to manage the time recording terminals and to record the time booking data records:

  • Complete lifecycle support from first login to dismantling
  • Device monitoring via ‘heart beat’ from the device to the creation of an ‘Incident’ in case of missing ‘heart beat’.
  • Software and configuration updates


Multinational insurance group,

22,000 employees – 32,000 ports

With over 40 companies in 19 countries, the UNIQA Group Austria is one of the leading insurance groups in Central Europe and has repeatedly been voted the most trustworthy insurance brand in its country. In the eleven years since its foundation, the UNIQA Group has quickly established itself both in Germany and in the Central and Eastern European markets.

UNIQA relies on Auconet for: MAC Layer 2 security, network discovery and endpoint profiling.

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